I would like to thank you, Erika, and your amazing staff once again for representing me and my Family and winning for us our case. I remember walking in to your office for the first time and I was second-guessing my choice of pursuing our case. Once I had the opportunity to meet and speak with you in person, all my doubts went away. Being in the legal field myself, I know how cases go through court, of how stressful things can be, and how expensive they can get. Your plan of action and strategy of attack was on-point and nothing short of spectacular. I am forever grateful for the help that you and your firm have given to me and to my Family. Thank you.​
                                                             — George B., Renton, WA

I've had numerous occasions where I have had to hire an attorney over the years. To date, Maury Kroontje and Kroontje law office are the best with which I have worked. Maury is knowledgeable, focused, and kept me informed at all times. Given that there will be ups and downs during any progression in a legal case (and emotions can run high when you are the client being represented) Maury stayed on track and pulled no surprises. He was a great advocate and I truly thank him for being such a winner.
                                                             — Susan E., Bellevue, WA

The Kroontje law firm represented me in claims by me due to my having received personal injury in an auto collision where the at fault driver was underinsured. It was very well handled and a satisfactory negotiated claim was paid to me. Under the case circumstances, the settlement was reasonable. Mr. Kroontje's solid and clear advice carried us through in spite of the normal insurance carrier resistance. Mr. Kroontje was a referral through a close attorney friend, who gave the recommendation with several positive and reassuring comments. We went away happy with the experience and the services.
                                                            — Don B., Seattle, WA

Although I have only worked with a few other attorneys, Maury is by far the most courteous and professional. Maury is relaxed but also very well organized and efficient, and he takes the time to respond to every phone call and email in a timely fashion. He is level-headed and offers sound advice. I believe his other employees also share his competence and values.
                                                            — Joseph P., Seattle, WA

Mr. Kroontje was retained several times by myself and family since 2008. He has always been compassionate with the cause and effectively represented us against the other party and also in court.
                                                           — Pio P., Seattle, WA

First-Class Legal Advice, Honesty, Great Client Service! Maury is an excellent listener; compassionate and confident. Helping people is what makes Kroontje Law one-of-a-kind!
                                                           — Richard P., Seattle, WA

He is an excellent and knowledgeable in his field. I was lucky to be his client. He kept me informed of all the progress of the process, met with me as much as needed to discuss every step needed to be taken and asked for my opinion. I referred one of my friend to him. Her settlement took a little long and difficult but he did all he could to reach a good settlement. I would recommend him to more of my friends if they need a good lawyer.
                                                          — Bich C., Seattle, WA        

​Maury Kroontje and his firm (Kroontje Law Office) were most helpful to me when I was in need of some legal assistance. He came highly recommended to me by a friend and was every bit professional, caring, responsive, and willing to go the distance to help bring favorable resolution to my legal matter. I appreciated knowing that Maury was fighting on behalf of my legal justice and it took a huge weight off my mind to know I was being so well represented. I would not hesitate to call Kroontje Law Office for any future legal needs.
                                                           — Susan C., Seattle, WA 

I hired Maury and his team at KLO when a driver pulled out in front of my motorcycle and I crashed, breaking both hands and left foot. Because the driver did not hit me or my motorcycle, the insurance companies stated they were not liable. The police report stated that the driver failed to yield the right of way, resulting in my crash. Maury and his team worked hard to get me a fair and equitable settlement as compensation for the months of being unable to work, the myriad of medical bills, and the pain and suffering from having my life 'turned upside down'. I could not have gone up against the insurance company so successfully without the good work of the KLO team.
                                                           — Eileen B., Renton, WA

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